In the HR field, the impact of the Covid measure is huge ! Professionals around the world have to handle a lot. Between the challenges of easing the lockdown & all the safety measures, the reorganization of the work floor & processes, implementing sustainable homework policies & virtual team management, downsize or upsize the workforce, the list is endless.

Lead with dignity & respect.

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It is a challenging but rewarding time for every HR professional as this is the time when good people support really makes a difference. During a time of change, keeping the trust of the employees is crucial.

This is when “putting people first” means taking the necessary business decisions but executing them with dignity and respect. It is the job of HR to stand up strong for the company & all of it’s employees.


HR consulting services for HR teams.


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HR teams are expected be flexible, open, creative, change drivers, solid, comforting, dependable, communicative, honest, pro-active, stress resistant and look after all employees. As the workload increases, and change becomes more prominent, teams are getting overloaded.

LeaderKeys is here to help HR teams with flexible short to mid-term interim support during a reorganization, product change management, M&A or any strategic HR matters. LeaderKeys offers in-house or virtual consulting services.


Coaching for HR professionals.


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LeaderKeys offers coaching specifically for HR professionals. More than ever, human resources directors need to perform as top athletes.  Like any top athlete, an HR executive should not have to succeed on their own.

Getting a coach who understands the current reality, challenges and objectives can be very benificial. As a former HR Director, Madelien can help leaders to stay connected with their inner values while supporting the company through change.

Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

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Your international HR consultant !

Madelien worked in the financial services industry as a Human Resources Director for the EMEA region – Europe, Middle East & Africa – for 13 years. During this time, she served on several Regional Executive Committees and Management Boards. She designed and implemented leadership transformation programs across 35 counties and has extended, hands-on experience with large, multi-country mergers & acquisitions. In her strategic leadership roles, she managed vast international and remote teams.

She has specialised in conflict management in the US and started her career as an employment lawyer in the Netherlands. As a former prescriber of coaching and consulting services, she has a good understanding of why and when organisations and leaders seek support and how to be a valuable business partner.

Madelien is part of the international executive coaching firm PRAESTA and subscribes to its philosophy and deontology.

If you want to know more about how to start, guide and finish an accountability conversation or talk about performance management in a virtual world, please contact me directly at :

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