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HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANT, specialized in International Human Resource Management

Unleash human potential to drive superior and sustainable performance

LeaderKeys exists to help create company cultures where the leaders and their teams feel inspired, empowered and understood. Thanks to its expertise, the agency allows organizations to calmly approach periods of transition and growth. So that today’s vision becomes tomorrow’s reality.

Leaderkeys supports you in your development
Human Capital Transformation

Human Resources Consulting

Whether you go through rapid growth, international expansion, a merger or acquisition, company restructuring or a strategic transformation, Leaderkeys helps you adapt your human resources strategy.

As a true partner, the firm supports you during all key stages of transformation with effective strategies and concrete action plans !

  • Company culture programs
  • Employee engagement and Retention programs
  • Business Transformation and M&A support
  • HR Strategy definition
  • Organizational design & Strategic workforce planning
  • Performance management, Succession planning & Talent development
  • Conflict resolution
  • International expansion support
Coaching en entreprise
Leadership development for managers, CODIR & international teams

Business Coaching

Leaders aren’t born, they are made.

Madelien builds a trusting partnership so that clients feel supported yet challenged, leading them to explore their limiting beliefs and areas for personal development. Creating a safe environment, she works towards increased self-awareness and motivates to create tangible action plans. Madelien’s optimistic personality makes undertaking a coaching program with her an invigorating journey.

  • Authentic Leadership Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Inter-cultural and Virtual team Coaching
  • Equine coaching (Coaching assisted by the Horse)
L'équicoaching : Un accompagnement centré sur l’intelligence émotionnelle.
Nurture emotional intelligence

Equine Assisted Coaching

Coaching assisted by the horse is a powerful approach to develop interpersonal and leadership skills, to work on stress management, verbal and non-verbal communication, and team cohesion. LeaderKeys offers leadership development and team building programs, in partnership with Clotilde Lapostolle, a highly experienced equicoach trained in the United States.

  • Team cohesion and team building seminars
  • Leadership development coaching
  • Team management insights
  • Team operating model
Evaluation et Evolution
Evaluation & evolution

Human Resources Services

Your business is a living and constantly evolving entity. Leaders must be resourceful, engaging and inspiring. Teams must work together across borders and embrace change. A focus on understanding the competencies and development needs of your employees, addressing conflicts and recognizing individual commitment, is key to building a sustainable workforce.

  • Leadership assessment centres
  • Personality profiling
  • Conflict resolution
  • HR business partner skill development coaching for HR professionals
Madelien Perrier

Your international HR consultant

Madelien Perrier, consultante en ressources Humaines et en Coaching international pour les entreprises

Madelien’s expertise is fueled by the conviction that sustainable performance is achieved when a human resources strategy is completely aligned to the company’s mission and vision.

With her international experience and her profound insight into the complexity of change management and cultural differences, Madelien is passionate about helping people reach their full potential so that they can create meaningful and enjoyable connections at work.

I firmly believe that each individual (employee or leader) must feel respected and supported within their professional structure. LeaderKeys exists to help create a corporate culture where everyone feels considered and understood, thereby promoting the development of collective potential “.

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An international career

Madelien worked in the financial services industry as a Human Resources Director for the EMEA region –Europe, Middle East & Africa-for 13 years. During this time, she served on several Regional Executive Committees and Management Boards. She designed and implemented leadership transformation programs across 35 counties and has extended, hands-on experience with large, multi-country mergers & acquisitions. In her strategic leadership roles, she managed vast international and remote teams.

She has specialised in conflict management in the US and started her career as an employment lawyer in the Netherlands.

As a former prescriber of coaching and consulting services, she has a good understanding of why and when organisations and leaders seek support and how to be a valuable business partner.


Leaderkeys, socially and ecologically engaged

Because I believe in living in harmony with nature and with each other.
LeaderKeys is committed to doing business in a sustainable way. Madelien feels strongly about giving back to the community and providing positive social value. “Lasting change is achieved by taking small but consistent steps, every single day. If we all make an effort, we can live in harmony and save our planet for the generations to come”.


Your international partner
A pragmatic approach

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Tél : +33 (0)7 79 46 59 20
E-mail: perrier@leader-keys.com
Website: www.leader-keys.com

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